Recycling option for iPod

Posted on 21 Jan 2010 by The Manufacturer

An iPod recycling service has been established to cope with the volumes of the used Apple music players that are being rejected by fashion conscious music lovers.

The concept has been launched by online mobile phone recycler, The company accepts all iPod models, from the early iPod Classic to the current iPod Touch.

Consumers can expect to be sent cash or vouchers worth up to £60 for both working and non-working devices depending on the make, model and condition.

“As technology improves people are naturally going to want the latest gadgets,” says Simon Walsh, sales and marketing director for “Our service provides an environmentally sound alternative to throwing away unwanted gadgets and helps to reduce the UK’s electrical waste.”

“Our iPod trade-in service is another great offering for our customers. Rather than throw away old iPod models, customers can now trade them in for cash and use the money to buy the latest version.”