Robot brings some Christmas magic to the classroom

Posted on 24 Dec 2014 by Jonny Williamson

FANUC UK, a leading global manufacturer of factory automation and industrial robotics, teamed up with Roger de Clare C of E First School in Hertfordshire to sprinkle some robot Christmas magic on this years' festive season in schools.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to developing the future generation of robotic engineers, the FANUC UK team worked in collaboration with schoolchildren to design and create a Christmas message using the power of robots.

The students interacted with the robot to co-create a personalised card and video message; learning the rudimentary programming skills that provide the building blocks to a future career in robotics.

Head teacher of Roger de Clare C of E First School, Laura Woods commented: “Having a robot in the classroom allows children to develop an understanding that ICT can go in many different ways.

“The fact that ICT robotics is so exciting and inspiring might direct them to that element of the industry in the future.”

Managing director of FANUC UK, Chris Sumner added: “If the UK is to compete with competitor economies on the international stage, in fields as diverse as manufacturing and healthcare, it is vital that it improves its capabilities in robotics; and this starts in the classroom.

“Interaction with robots from an early age is a great way to get kids excited about STEM subjects, and building this awareness and understanding is the first step in developing the robotics engineers of tomorrow.”