Salmond outlines Scottish manufacturing 2030 plan

Posted on 13 Jun 2014 by The Manufacturer

Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond has unveiled plans for an independent Scotland’s manufacturing industry, with a growth target of 30% set for 2030.

On a visit to a factory in Fife, Mr Salmond set his Scottish National Party’s government blueprint for the “reindustrialisation of an independent Scotland”.

The plan includes the creation of a Scottish innovation agency, a business development bank to make access to finance easier and a revamp of the country’s tax system to support industry.

In an effort to boost exports, the government has also proposed setting up a network of 70-90 overseas offices, which it also hopes will boost Scotland’s international profile.

“Scotland’s wealth, talent and resources mean we have the potential to become a global hub for the industries of the future,” said Salmond.

“We are renowned across the world for our engineering brilliance, our rich industrial heritage and our spirit of innovation.”

He added: “We have substantial natural resources, a highly skilled workforce, a long-standing reputation for innovation, and an internationally-recognised brand, with products and companies competing at the highest level in international markets.

“To achieve this requires a national mission where we come together as a country to re-industrialise Scotland for the 21st century.

“We already have world-class manufacturing companies and Scottish economic performance has improved with the limited decision-making powers of devolution.”