Schneider Electric looking to change energy management

Posted on 14 Jun 2013

Schneider Electric launched its latest energy management system software at Millbank Tower in London on Wednesday with big plans to change the way the world utilises energy.

The French energy management company officially unveiled their latest software called StruxureWare, which it believes is groundbreaking.

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Stuart Thorogood, UK country president, says the software is the only one of its kind currently available on the UK market.

“Only StruxureWare software eliminates the Information Gap that has traditionally existed between informational and operational technology roles – as the only solution currently available on the UK market to integrate and provide interoperability with third-party and legacy systems across different domains.

Stuart Thorogood, UK country president at Schneider Electric
Stuart Thorogood, UK country president at Schneider Electric

“Working in both realms across a web-based platform, StruxureWare software enables users to see, measure, and manage critical energy data across an entire enterprise – where most other enterprise efficiency software works in the informational realm only.”

The recent Verdantix Green Quadrant Energy Management Software 2013 report recognised Schneider Electric as a leader in energy management due StruxureWare.

The software was praised on various points, especially for the visibility it offers in allowing companies to cut inefficiency and monitor performance, arguably its greatest selling point.

The fact the software creates a central system that can be accessed across a company also provides a great benefit. The motto of the product is shop floor to top floor visibility.

The point being workers can access the specific data they need and company bosses can put an overview of energy usage on a screen in a boardroom. This works on a continually updated Opex system.

Need for knowledge

In France sustainability claims are already checked for accuracy. Schneider Electric is sure the same will be coming over to these shores soon.

With greater government scrutiny coming in at home and across the globe, sustainability is here to stay.

That is why Schneider Electric is looking to create a system that underpins the range of a company’s energy management and sustainability, so the data is there and so the data is accurate.

Martin Stephenson, vice president of professional services at Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, says  the vision with StruxureWare is to automate the process of gathering the relevant data as requirements on energy and sustainability become tougher.

“The reporting requirements are changing. Mandatory reporting came in on the 6th of April which means that any FTSE company, any New York stock exchange company, any European stock exchange company has a legislative requirement to have mandatory carbon reports within their annual reports. The collection of that data can be horrific for some of these companies.”

Mr Stephenson added: “The vision here would be to automate that process so at the touch of a button you have your carbon reports done weekly, monthly which can then be reviewed at the board meetings.”