Schneider Electric: the personal touch

Posted on 8 Jun 2016 by The Manufacturer

Cap Coder partnered with Schneider Electric to deliver a personalised customer experience.

Cap Coder, was established more than 30 years ago as a designer and manufacturer of equipment for the packaging industry, producing standard and bespoke solutions to a range of capping, filling and coding applications.

Cap Coder - image courtesy of Schneider Electric
Cap Coder chose to work with Schneider Electric to develop a customised solution that met the challenges of its customers – image courtesy of Schneider Electric.

The company has a strong customer base, both in the UK and overseas, which is founded on trust, integrity, experience and understanding.

Cap Coder mainly supplies to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and nicotine industries, but due to bespoke design and versatility of its system, the machines it builds can be widely adjusted.

Cap Coder’s director, Ross Prior said: “When we design packaging machinery now, we are looking to improve ergonomics and develop intelligent man-machine interfaces that have low labour costs.

So what we produce is simple to use, easy to clean, flexible and reliable machines that reduce lead-time and reduce recurrent replacement costs. Everything we do is about being flexible and meeting our clients’ needs.”

The challenge

Cap Coder recognised that its customers were looking for durability, accuracy and speed and to thrive where profit margins are tight. That is why the team builds to meet clients’ individual needs.

The biggest constraint to productivity in a complete liquid filling operation is the capping process. Cap Coder torque head and machines are able to facilitate any type of product.

Schneider Electric PQ - June 2016Cap Coder machines combine advanced technology, design tools and innovation to develop cost effective solutions. It has a team with a wealth of experience in product development, modification, prototyping and fabrication to help customers bring their products to market.

The solution

All Cap Coder machines are custom built in the UK. The team prides itself on working with growing innovative businesses.

Schneider Electric’s approach and portfolio offers Cap Coder solutions, such as flexible programming, simplified integration and maintenance, excellent technical support and easy to use control systems, which benefit both Cap Coder and its clients markedly.

Cap Coder designs and manufactures a range of high specification torque heads. With all of the components fully machined to precise tolerances, they consistently achieve the aim of accurate and consistent torque values.

Cap Coder machines are built to the highest standard so that clients get the best of British manufacturing. All machines and systems are suitable for start-up enterprises to fully automated production lines. Cap Coder provides first-rate bespoke, cost effective and efficient solutions to its customer base.

The benefits

Cap Coder chose to work with Schneider Electric to develop a customised solution that met the challenges of its customers.

Schneider Electric equipment is easy to use, innovative, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective for both Cap Coder and its customers.

Schneider Electric Links - June 2016Using Schneider Electric products, Cap Coder has reduced installation time by 30% and commissioning time has significantly decreased due to everything being in one effective software package. This enables Cap Coder to provide bespoke, cost effective and efficient capping solutions.

The machine of tomorrow is a smarter machine – safer, more connected, more flexible, and more efficient to quickly respond to new individual demands. Based upon smart connected products, it maximises efficiency through preventive maintenance and intuitive collaboration with users, while minimising its environmental footprint and total cost of ownership.

Future plans

The next step for Cap Coder is to develop new capping heads using exclusively Schneider Electric controls.