Scoot over petrol engines, electric bikes are landing

Posted on 1 Sep 2008 by The Manufacturer

London may soon be set to resemble a scene more commonly associated with the streets of Delhi or Beijing, as a leading manufacturer of the electrical scooters which swarm the roads there announces it will begin to market them here in the UK.

The company, Ultra Motor, sell 30,000 of the bikes a year in India. It is apparently the largest producer of the scooters, which cost between $600 and a $1000 (US dollars), in the world. The company’s British founder, Ian Woodcock said: “They do everything we need them to do as vehicles in the city, but they have none of the drawbacks.”

“Urbanisation is a global phenomenon and it’s irreversible worldwide. We in Britain will very soon have no choice but to live with it and come to terms with it,” he added.

The scooters are therefore being touted as the answer to inner-city congestion, pollution issues and the rising cost of running a conventionally fuelled vehicle. They can reportedly run for 60 miles on a two hour charge and are part-pedal, part-electrically powered.