Scotland’s Vert Rotors creates seven new jobs

Posted on 31 Aug 2016 by Jonny Williamson

Scottish compressor manufacturer, Vert Rotors has announced increased production capacity in its Edinburgh facility with seven new hires in the last year to meet growing international demand.

The new employees at Vert Rotors, many coming from roles within the oil and gas industry, met with Edinburgh South West MP Joanna Cherry QC this week to discuss the company’s novel technology, expected to allow the company to remain competitive while keeping manufacturing based in Scotland.

The seven new hires made in the last year are to meet growing international demand – image courtesy of Vert Rotors.
The seven new hires made in the last year are to meet growing international demand – image courtesy of Vert Rotors.

Cherry explained: “It was a pleasure to visit Vert Rotors and meet with my constituents, Olly and Elvira Dmitriev. It has been

a few months since I last visited and so it was fantastic to hear about their continued success and outstanding contribution to the industry.

“From their use in cardiovascular surgery equipment to satellite technology, Vert Rotors’ compressors are at the forefront of innovation in engineering and physics and I’m delighted that the Dmitrievs decided to establish their manufacturing base in Edinburgh.

“It was particularly wonderful to see that Vert Rotors has created even more highly skilled jobs and has received the support of Scottish Enterprise and global investors.

“Scotland has long excelled in engineering and manufacturing and it would be great to see more individuals with innovative ideas choosing Scotland as their base.”

Vert Rotors CEO, Olly Dmitriev commented: “The purchase of high-precision machine tools has enabled us to reduce cost and waiting times by bringing more production in-house, which has also opened new jobs within our manufacturing arm.

“We are a prime example of the new wave of manufacturing driven by innovation, which is important to stop Scotland from being squeezed out of the competitive international market.

“There are many highly capable engineers in Scotland and I’m proud to continue our technology development and manufacturing right here in Edinburgh, keeping employment local.

“Scotland is ideally located for exporting, being located between the US and Europe, and we have been fortunate to receive support from investors and Scottish Enterprise to ensure we can continue to expand.”

Vert Rotors

Founded in 2013 by Olly Dmitriev following five years’ research and development, Vert Rotors exports internationally to customers including Fortune-500 manufacturing companies, with 75% of customers being outside the UK.

Compressed air accounts for 10% of industrial electricity demand and the total global market for industrial compressors is expected to reach more than US$13.5bn by 2017.

Vert Rotors had an innovative breakthrough earlier this year that saw the successful testing of a world-first small water-injected compressor producing clean, oil-free air suited to food & drink and medical industries.

In 2015, Vert won a contract with the UK Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to develop a prototype of the low-vibration cooling system that could significantly improve the quality and resolution of infrared imaging in aerospace technology.