Semta drives marine industry skills

Posted on 21 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

As part of a new growth strategy, the sector skills council for science, manufacturing and engineering Semta is leading a skills drive as part of the new Marine Industries Growth Strategy.

Business Minister Mark Prisk has launched an initiative for the marine industries designed to boost the growth of the marine and maritime industry. It establishes a strategy for growth that focuses on knowledge and skills with the aim of increasing the value of the marine industries and maritime services sector from £17bn a year to £25bn a year by 2020.

Business Minister and Co-chair of the Marine Industries Leadership Council Mark Prisk said: “Britain’s marine industries are one of our best prospects for high value, high skilled economic growth. That’s why we are launching the Marine Industries Growth Strategy to harness that potential and grow the industry by £8bn by 2020.”

Through this strategy, Semta hopes to create a clear understanding of skills demand and how to improve skills supply. To support the skills drive, Semta is bidding for Growth & Innovation Fund support in 2011-2013 in areas such as higher apprenticeships, online skills diagnostics, higher skills frameworks and skills roadmaps.

HR director for Babcock Marine Ken Munro said: “The Marine Sector Strategy Group has strengthened relationships among stakeholders, and continues to expose the skills agenda to a widening community of SMEs.”

George Archer