Serious about sleep

Posted on 14 Jun 2011 by The Manufacturer

Kent-based Simmons UK is the parent company to four of the country’s biggest bed brands: Sleepeezee, Simmons, Nestledown and Cumfilux. Collectively known for their high quality products, which are widely available throughout the UK, Simmons is certainly not a company that is lying down on the job.

Simmons has manufactured and designed beds since 1870 and its products are available in more than 60 countries world-wide. In the UK the company is the producer of over 12,000 pieces every week, which are then delivered nationally. Simmons UK supplies many of Britain’s leading bed retailers and premier hotels groups. Cauval Industries, the largest furniture manufacturer in France, own the license for Simmons throughout Europe.

During its global history, Simmons has remained committed to helping attain a higher quality of sleep through a proactive development of sleep technology. This has given rise to many of today’s advancements in Simmons’ current range of quality beds and mattresses, each of which provide exceptional support and comfort for a healthier life. Simmons’ success has given the company status as one of the largest bed brands across America, and a leading name throughout Europe and the UK.

The full spread
While Simmons Bedding Company is best known for its high quality mattresses, the company has furthered its portfolio. Its commitment to providing a good night’s sleep has led them into other product lines including pillows, foundations and furnishings that work with their well-known Beautyrest, Comforpedic, BackCare and Natural Care mattress lines.

Pillows: Simmons offers the perfect pairing with their Comforpedic beds – Comforpedic pillows, available in traditional and ergonomic contour styles. The Comforpedic pillows are all made with Simmons NxG Next Generation Memory Foam to make sleeping a pleasure.

Foundations: In addition to the traditional box spring foundation, Simmons offers several ranges of specialty foundations. These include two different styles of adjustable foundations designed to work with Simmons mattresses and allow for supreme sleeping and working comfort, as well as a Low Profile foundation designed for those who want the mattress closer to the floor.

Furnishings: Knickerbocker and Simmons have teamed up to produce Simmons Bed Support Systems, a new type of bed frame that is designed to extend the life of any mattress. Featuring steel support, centre beams and rails, the Bed Support Systems are designed to absorb weight and lengthen the life of your mattresses.

A Simmon’s history

When Zalman Simmons originally founded the Simmons Company in 1870 in the US state of Wisconsin, his intent was to manufacture wooden cheese boxes and insulators. Had he not changed that direction in 1876, the world of bedding would be a very different world today. Over the years, Simmons Bedding Company has been responsible for most of the major innovations in mattress making, and has helped shape the way the world sleeps today. Among the landmarks in the history of Simmons Bedding Company are:

1889 – Simmons introduced spiral coil springs for woven mattresses. The manufacturing process dropped the price of store-bought woven wire mattresses from $12 to 99 cents, making it possible for everyone to afford a comfortable night’s sleep.

1900 – James Marshall of Simmons Bedding Company patented a wrapped coil spring which would become the basis of pocketed coil spring mattresses and other innovations.

John Franklin Gail, a Simmons engineer, designed a machine that automated the process of making pocketed coils. His innovation became the basis of the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses that are still manufactured today. That same year, Simmons Bedding Company commissioned the first ever scientific sleep study to help them make better mattresses.

1930 – Simmons Bedding Company introduced the Studio Couch, which was a sofa by day and a bed by night.

1958 – Simmons Bedding Company introduced the first queen and king size mattresses, offering more sleep room to millions of people worldwide.

1995 – Simmons Bedding Company introduced the Simmons BackCare Mattresses, designed for proper spine alignment.

2001 – Simmons introduced the Olympic Queen Size mattress, offering more sleeping room on a standard queen size bed frame.

2004 – Simmons introduced the Health Smart line of mattresses, designed for cleaner, healthier sleep environments.


A therapeutic focus
If you often deal with back pain, the culprit could be your mattress, say experts at Simmons Bedding Company. Most mattresses don’t offer the level of support needed to keep your spine properly aligned during sleep. That’s why Simmons designed their line of BackCare mattresses especially for people who experience sore backs and aching muscles from lying on the wrong mattress all night long.

BackCare mattresses are made using Simmons Zone Support system, a combination of Pocketed Coil support and special foam zones that is designed to offer just the right level of support to your entire body. BackCare mattresses take into account the fact that your lumbar region needs special support to help keep your spine aligned so that you get a more restful sleep that doesn’t put a strain on your back. They’re made with a combination of three comfort zones and two support zones so that your body is cradled and supported throughout the night, and you wake up refreshed and restored in the morning.

Simmons has also been one of the prime movers behind sleep research in the mattress industry. Various research studies commissioned by Simmons have helped them to create mattresses that provide the best night sleep possible. According to some of this research, nearly 70% of adults are at least marginally sleep-deprived – even though they believe that they are getting a full night of sleep each night. Simmons says that choosing a supportive, comfortable mattress can help you get the sleep that you need to function at your best.

Two of the most common sleep interrupters are partner movement and discomfort. If you sleep with another person, every time they shift their position, the bed underneath you moves and your body has to adjust for that movement. When you consider that the average person shifts their position 60 to 80 times per night, it’s no wonder you wake up feeling exhausted. Simmons mattresses with their patented Pocketed Coil construction are specially designed to keep your partner’s night time restlessness from disturbing your sleep by isolating the motion, removing one of the major sleep disturbances.

The other most common reason for sleep interruption is discomfort. According to Simmons, most of those 60 to 80 position changes per night are triggered by discomfort, either from poor support or from excess pressure against your joints and skin. Simmons Backcare and Ortho Care mattresses are designed to reduce discomfort with a unique Zone Comfort System that provides support where your body needs it, and reduces pressure where your body doesn’t need it.

As Simmons says, replacing your mattress with one that’s especially designed to support good sleep is one of the best things that you can do to improve your quality of life.