Service boost for aerospace & defence SMEs

Posted on 25 Nov 2009 by The Manufacturer

A|D|S, the UK’s AeroSpace, Defence and Security trade organisation, today announced a further boost in services to meet the needs of SMEs in the sector.

The trade organisation also announced a continued rise in its SME membership and the reduced fees for many smaller members since the formation of A|D|S on 1 October 2009. One of the key priorities of A|D|S is to promote the interests of SMEs on both a national and international level.

In the defence industry alone, the UK has more SMEs than France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Norway combined. Accordingly, the UK’s national trade organisation dedicates a considerable proportion of its efforts towards ensuring that this area of the economy is fully represented.

Says Ian Godden, Chairman of A|D|S: “SMEs are the engine of growth for our sector, and the recession has presented them with new challenges. A|D|S delivers strength in numbers for our membership of all sizes alongside top-class services with which to grow aerospace, defence and security businesses.”

“Our industry is a cross-regional one, with companies operating throughout the UK, from Cornwall to Caithness, and it delivers immense economic, environmental and sociological benefits to the country. The industry deserves the best services a trade organisation can provide, and A|D|S is proud to work on behalf of it, providing these services for all its members, from the smallest to the largest.”

Major aims of A|D|S for SME members include:

• Providing practical business development; helping to win business with airframe primes and larger companies, directly with the MOD, and regionally through A|D|S Scotland and the planned A|D|S Northern Ireland offices; with devolved government and internationally through its Toulouse, Delhi and Bangalore offices; and through our team of dedicated staff delivering over 120 domestic and international events and exhibitions every year.

• Lobbying on behalf of SMEs in government, other institutions and directly with the larger companies.

• A strong group of special interest groups for SMEs, over 15 in total, within the four sectors.

• Assistance in accessing growing markets in security and space.

• Support to the Regional Trade Associations in England & Wales to further their interests with the Regional Development Agencies.