Sheffield businessman welcomes new Horizon owners

Posted on 31 Oct 2012 by The Manufacturer

Kevin Parkin, non-executive chairman of R3 Products, welcomes Hitachi’s investment in UK nuclear new build.


Kevin Parkin, non-executive chairman, R3 Products

“The news yesterday that Hitachi has taken ownership of Horizon is good news for UK manufacturing, for manufacturing employment and for technology,” says Mr Parkin, who ran local heavy engineering company DavyMarkham before moving to R3 Products in 2011.

“It is fantastic news which will cement the future for many UK manufacturers who have invested heavily in nuclear accreditation in recent years. Some will have become despondent at the lack of clarity on build timescales.

The South Yorkshire area, where R3 Products is located, is particularly well placed to take advantage of the new opportunities which will arise as Horizon progresses thanks to the investment which has been made at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

R3 will be looking to benefit from the arrival of UK  nuclear new build by supplying materials for the extensive car parks which will be built around them – our recycled kerbs for instance.”