Siemens and Olympus team up on food production technology

Posted on 2 Dec 2013 by The Manufacturer

Siemens Industry and Olympus Automation have announced a partnership which will optimise the potential of PDX Reactor technology in making food and drink manufacturing more competitive and efficient.

The PDX Reactor is an advanced steam cooker which, at its highest settings, accelerates steam into recipes at three times the speed of sound.

It can substantially reduce cooking times for foods such as soups and sauces.

A recent experiment with a Scottish food manufacturer for example showed that the technology could reduce the cooking time for cheese sauce from over an hour, to just six minutes.

Other benefits of the technology include increased energy efficiency and potential reduction in plant footprint since the technology is compact.

Olympus Automation purchased the IP behind the PDX Reactor in May this year when it acquired Pursuit Dynamics’ food, beverage and brewing business. Pursuit Dynamics had spent around £60m on the development of the technology but, according to sources close to the issue, had failed to take it to market effectively.

The new partnership between Siemens and Olympus, seeks to ensure that the mistake is not repeated.

The partnership builds on an existing relationship between the two firms and will ensure the delivery and installation of the product and accompanying control solution is performed to the highest industry standards worldwide.

Michael Stow, partner development manager at Siemens Industry, comments: “The PDX Reactor is a fluid processing system which can mix, heat and pump simultaneously with unrivalled performance.  It not only improves product quality, but speeds up production times and reduces waste, ensuring efficiencies across operations.”

Jake Norman, strategy and marketing development at Olympus Automation, added: “By partnering with Siemens we can ensure a high quality complete solution for customers looking to revolutionise their production of soups and sauces.

“In addition, we can be sure to offer a full service and support team for our customers offering technical advice and maintenance expertise.  We have a strong market base in the UK and want to capitalise on initial successes in American and European Markets.”

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