Siemens-BGMC agreement aims to drive glass skills sector

Posted on 28 May 2013 by The Manufacturer

Siemens Industry UK has joined forces with the British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation to support a programme of industry-led learning and skills development.

The agreement, agreed last Thursday, will involve closer collaboration between both parties to pave the way for closer skills and training collaboration across the sector.

It will also focus on Siemens helping the BGMC deliver apprenticeships and consultancy support throughout the North West and Yorkshire/Humberside regions.

This will include on-the-job training as well as access to a four year multi-disciplined apprenticeship model.

Dave Dalton, CEO of British Glass, said: “We are proud to be building on our already well recognised Glass Academy with Siemens Industry – who we know have a strong reputation in the skills arena.

“By exploiting their expertise we know we can really help develop young talent in our sector – which is crucial if we are to grow the glass industry in a sustainable fashion over the coming decade.”

The BGMC already operates its own Glass Academy learning development programme designed to ensure the industry is equipped to be a world leader by 2020, and the agreement hopes to jointly further relevant training and apprenticeship schemes.

It also announced it is set to offer up to 350 apprenticeships for 16-23 year olds, while also helping to develop the skills of professionals already higher up the industry ladder.

Steve Martin, head of the Siemens Industry glass sector, said he was delighted his company was undertaking the partnership to drive skills within the sector.

“By looking to future needs, the sector is proactively tackling the skills development issues it faces,” he said.

“By providing access to Siemens’ expertise and resources, we intend to help the sector deliver the skilled workforce it will need to compete globally in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”