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Posted on 9 Aug 2010 by The Manufacturer

E.M.R Electronics specialises in the manufacture and supply of wound components for the electronics industry as well as the winding or rewinding of electric motors. Tim Brown talks to managing director Robert Walker about the company's capabilities and its international supply chain.

The E.M.R group was established in the South West of England nearly 40 years ago and has seen substantial growth and earned a reputation for highquality products and excellent customer service. We offer a complete manufacturing solution combining our expertise and established manufacturing facilities in the UK together with high volume capacity capability using our partners in China and India, says Walker.

One of its first clients, a major cable location company, required the development of an aerial winding component for an electromagnetic cable location product. E.M.R worked with the company to develop the required winding from prototype stages through pre-production and on to production. While E.M.R has since experienced considerable growth, in demonstration of the reliability of the company, E.M.R remains as a supplier to the same company. The product was a massive success and has been sold throughout the world, says Walker. Since the original product launch we have been involved in prototyping several new generations of the locator and today still continue to supply the aerials for the new generation of product. The company has two different divisions: E.M.R Electronics and E.M.R Rewinds. The former is responsible for the manufacture and supply of wound components to the electronics industry while the latter offers a quick turnaround facility for the winding or rewinding of electric motors. What we are doing in our company is what we have been doing for years, says Walker.

Versatility is the key. If someone brings us an item and asks us if we can put a winding on it, the answer will almost certainly be yes. According to Walker, if a company works with E.M.R, you get more than just a supplier, you get a manufacturing partner who will search with you for the best way to give you entire satisfaction.

A strong commitment to excellence, over 40 years of expertise in wound components and dedicated production facilities are all part of the package.

We will discuss with you all your requirements, from design specification to delivery constraints and select from our range of up-to-date machines the most adequate and cost effective one to resolve your problem.

Our success is linked to the success of our customers products and we believe in partnership. Working with you we can advise on what would work best with your product before going into production saving you time and costly mistakes. By building prototypes and running pre-production runs between us we can iron out any issues before committing to large batches from our Chinese factory.

Reliable resources

E.M.R Electronics is capable of producing any production range of wound components from low volume production runs from as few as 25 up to as high as 5000. Most of our low volume production is all completed in-house and a lot of our high-volume runs are completed out in our plant in China, says Walker. The company’s product range include aerial windings, chokes, ferrite windings, inductors, lead assembly, PCB assembly, power supplies, switch mode, toroids and transformers. All the products that we make are bespoke products, says Walker. They are all specially designed for a purpose and we manufacture everything to specification. To ensure its products are produced with an extremely reliable quality every unit that leaves the factory is tested before it is dispatched. We are ISO registered and work to a very strict quality system, says Walker. The failure rate on our products is very low and often we may not have a failure rate on our components. This includes any product which is manufactured at their facility in China. All components that are produced overseas are freighted back to the UK for inspection and testing before being dispatched to the customer. Every product that we make usually go through an LCR data bridge which measures tolerance and frequency before it leaves the factory. This makes sure the component fits within the consumers specifications. If anything falls outside of that then it is rejected. In addition to ensuring quality, E.M.R also ensures pricing reliability despite a declining UK exchange rate.

By modelling its Chinese operation on an exchange rate between the pound and the dollar to be 1.50 the company has provisioned for the current poor exchange rate. On top of that, says Walker, it is costing more with airfreight due to the taxes that have been applied but we can compensate for the cost by delivering volume and we don’t pass any additional cost on the customer.

E.M.R services include:
œ R&D Prototyping
œ Short production runs
œ Medium to large production runs with significant savings through our partner in China.
œ Sub-Assembly and Assembly
œOut-sourced repair centre – we can support your product even after production by becoming your outsourced repair centre

Benefits of using E.M.R:
œ Over 40 Years experience in the electronics industry
œ Cost effective solutions for every stage of your product development
œ Planned production runs in far east providing substantial cost reduction on unit prices without the headache of dealing with China
œ Short runs with fast turnaround times offering a total flexibility for prototyping

E.M.R can provide all of the following products and services:

To help you at the early stages of product development, we use machinery specially designed for prototypes and small batches

Our production facilities have been developed over the years to cover both toroidal and non toroidal products in small, medium and large quantities. Additional cost savings can be achieved by utilising our Chinese manufacturing facilities.

Thanks to the flexibility of our work force, we can also assemble for you complete modules or instruments, test them to your specification and deliver them to you, on time, all the time and at the right price.