Six startups join Digital Catapult to lead the AI net zero era

Posted on 16 Mar 2022 by The Manufacturer

The latest group of innovative startups has joined Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme - an artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerator that has supported more than 100 startups to raise a total of £52m investment.

The most recent cohort of leading-edge startups are focused on solving urgent challenges in the manufacturing, engineering and agriculture sectors; from reducing manufacturing material wastage and cutting emissions, to providing powerful image recognition that helps farmers identify crop disease and use land and resources more sustainably.

From dozens of applications, six early-stage companies that are developing net zero solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were selected to join the programme, working alongside experts at Digital Catapult to address the UK industry’s biggest sustainability challenges.

Launched in 2017, Machine Intelligence Garage helps early-stage businesses access the computation power and expertise they need to develop and build AI/ML solutions, something that’s often inaccessible to startups. The programme has gone from strength-to-strength and supported rising stars in the AI/ML ecosystem by removing key barriers to innovation.

The next cohort of cutting edge startups are:

  • CAE Tech is developing a cloud platform for manufacturers of build-to-order products, ensuring maximum material yield and reduction of waste. CAE Tech previously worked with Babcock International Group on the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme, and have also worked with Dassault Systemes and Cardiff University.
  • New Intelligence Group Ltd has developed human-centric AI software that captures and converts data into actionable business intelligence. Its software helps to cut carbon emissions by reducing the need for human consultants to travel, and through increased energy efficiency during manufacturing.
  • PCI Technology Investments Ltd has developed the Farm Smarter app, a location-specific agriculture advice tool for farmers, incorporating AI image recognition technology for crop diseases, land use and sustainable farming advice.
  • Productive Machines is developing a digital twin based learning platform that helps machining companies to produce parts faster, and at a high quality, while also reducing costs and minimising waste.
  • Turation offers an AI-enabled quality analytics solution that adapts quickly to any changes in the manufacturing processes, resulting in reduced material waste. Applicable to multiple sectors, its solution is underpinned by 5G connectivity as demonstrated as part of the 5PRING Manufacturing Accelerator programme.
  • yaiLab has developed a no-code, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows engineers or scientists to quickly and effortlessly embed AI into daily research and operations. The platform acts as an AI-powered data science assistant, reducing the overall carbon footprint of more traditional human-centric operations.

Robert Smith, Director of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Catapult commented: “With Machine Intelligence Garage now well established in the market, we’re continuing to see more and more high-growth, high-potential  startups applying for the programme. Increasingly, these companies are using powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to develop solutions to help the UK reach its ambitious net zero goals.

I believe the speed and scale of AI can play a critical role in addressing global challenges like the climate emergency, and the six startups that make up this latest cohort are just some of the brightest and most interesting innovators leading the charge for planet earth.”

Each member of the latest cohort will be pitching their solutions to investors and industry as part of Digital Catapult’s FutureScope Showcase: Net Zero, a free to attend online event that showcases the trailblazing companies of Digital Catapult’s programmes.