Six weeks for chemical companies to speak up over regulation

Posted on 12 Jun 2012

As part of the Government's Focus on Enforcement initiative, for the next six weeks chemicals manufacturers will be able to share their experiences of working with national regulators and local authorities.

Chemical manufacturers are urged to come forward and share their views on the way regulation is enforced and how it could be changed to make it easier for companies to remain competitive.

During the evidence gathering phase, these companies, be they manufacturing chemicals or storing them, can offer their views through the Focus on Enforcement website, posting comments on an anonymous basis.

Since taking government, the coalition has made much noise about slashing red tape in order to facilitate the growth of all businesses, especially manufacturers who face high volumes of regulation.

Business Minister Mark Prisk welcomed the launch of the new review, saying: “This will give businesses in the chemicals sector the chance to make a real difference to the way compliance and protection is achieved on COMAH sites, shaping how companies can best work with regulators in a successful and cost-effective way.”

COMAH is the Control of Major Accident Hazards, a regulation that affects all chemical manufacturers in the UK.

Peter Newport, CEO of the Chemical Business Association said: “We are keen to see the review explore how the burden and costs of regulatory compliance can be reduced.”

Mr Newport also said he was “keen to see progress towards formal earned recognition for COMAH sites which supplement regulatory requirements through established industry standards,” adding that it was an approach that could deliver potentially large operational savings both for business and for the regulatory authorities concerned.