Skills partnership formed

Posted on 10 Feb 2010 by The Manufacturer

SEMTA and Cogent have announced a strategic partnership agreement to improve support to employers in industries including manufacturing and nuclear.

Sector Skills Councils for science, engineering and manufacturing technologies (SEMTA) and Sector Skills Council for Chemicals, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Petroleum and Polymers (Cogent) have the responsibility for leading on skills to make these industries more competitive.

Semta works with employers in Aerospace, Automotive, Bioscience, Electrical, Electronics, Maintenance, Marine, Mathematics, Mechanical, Metals and Engineered Metal Products and Science. Cogent works with the, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Polymer and Petroleum Industries. Both have National Skills Academies who already collaborate on the development of training programmes, assessors and trainers.

Philip Whiteman, Chief Executive of Semta, says the council are committed to creating a simplified skills landscape. He says this new partnership will “make the entire process of identifying and tackling skills shortages easier for employers, stakeholders and government. As leading sector skills councils, who represent employers across the engineering and process industry manufacturing sectors, Semta and Cogent are ideally placed to deliver collaborative solutions for employers.”

There is natural cross-over between Semta and Cogent employers particularly in new and emerging industries, in the application of technology in bio-science and advanced materials which will demand the very highest skills.