Small energy boost

Posted on 2 Feb 2010 by The Manufacturer

From April, owners of small scale renewable energy devices could earn up to £10,000 per year with a new fixed premium to be paid for every unit of electricity generated.

The British Wind Energy Association (Bwea) has hailed the feed-in tariff as a further step in the ‘green energy revolution’ changing the way electricity is generated and used in Britain. According to the group, the tariff will stimulate the growth in the small-scale renewable manufacturing market, particularly the production of UK small wind turbines.

The range of tariff levels is such that it encourages all levels of investment, from householders and farmers to small and medium sized businesses. Wind energy is set to get from 4.5 pence to 34.5 pence per kilowatt hour, making wind turbines an attractive proposition for everyone with a good location.

“The feed-in tariff has encouraged substantial renewable energy deployment across Europe and we are certain that it will have the same effect in Britain,” said Maria McCaffery, BWEA Chief Executive. “In time, it will significantly increase the proportion of electricity generated by all small renewable energy devices, while fostering self reliance and clearly establishing the link between generation and consumption of electricity.”

In two examples, the Association has highlighted that an 11kW device with an installation cost of around £44,000 at site with a wind speed of around 5 meters per second could yield a total income of £10,026 per annum; while a 6kW device costing in the region of £22,000 under the same parameters could return £3420 per annum. These examples are typical of the expected 5-10 year payback for well-located small wind systems.