Smartia takes to the stand at Innovation Alley

Posted on 30 Oct 2019 by The Manufacturer

Smartia create scalable AI solutions for manufacturing and engineering companies to digitise their industrial assets through data capture to drive value from their machines and production lines.

Smartia are showcasing their innovative Data and AI software MAIO as part of Innovation Alley at Smart Factory Expo on 13-14 November and are looking forward to engaging with key customers and partners across the manufacturing and engineering landscape.

There is a huge opportunity for AI within the Industry 4.0 revolution. The Made Smarter review published in 2017 highlighted that the application of AI in industry between 2017 and 2027 could offer approximately £198.7bn, with productivity gains of £650bn GVA.

CROP - Businessman on blurred background using digital artificial intelligence icon hologram 3D rendering - image courtesy of Depositphotos.

Data holds the secret to many business issues. This could be information on anomalies and deviations within business processes as well as the answers to production quality issues and efficiency solutions on the production line.

Most business decisions are made by a qualified guess and are not necessarily backed by data.  Business owners don’t always know the exact value or how to extract the value from data and how it could impact their business decisions.

MAIO collects and manages the data required to unleash the necessary analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning or cognitive work to predict equipment failures and streamline production processes.

It is an AI and Data platform that uses a software as a service model but includes a hardware interconnector gateway to connect machines.


Asim Majid, chief commercial officer at Smartia says: “MAIO is a perfect solution for both SMEs (where most of the UKs manufacturing companies are positioned) and larger multinational OEMs that are looking to scale.

“It automates processes and continually monitors data and where anomalies appear, it notifies the user, so valuable insights can be available from day one.”

Asim Majid, chief commercial officer, Smartia.
Asim Majid, chief commercial officer, Smartia.

“We attended Innovation Alley last year whilst the product was in its early stages to test our early concepts, carry out user research and help us understand what the market really wanted. We met lots of interesting partners, suppliers and potential customers. Our product resonated with the individuals we met and aligned with their key pain points.”

“We’re really looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s Innovation Alley. MAIO is now fully developed, with full demonstrators in place at the MTC in Warwick and the National Composite Centre in Bristol and we’re looking forward to demonstrating it in a live environment with real data.

“The show last year attracted the right audience and the Alley was the busiest area at the show as attendees wanted to find out what was the latest technology and innovations within the manufacturing arena. We’re looking forward to showcasing our technology and raising our brand profile to them.”

“We appreciate the support and advice KTN gives to Smartia and for this opportunity to showcase MAIO at Innovation Alley. We’re looking forward to meeting a new and diverse range of innovative businesses in the Alley.” Asim Majid, CCO, Smartia

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Nicole Ballantyne commented: “Innovation Alley is an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their innovations and technologies.

“There are over 60 companies signed up for the Alley and we’re really looking forward to seeing an array of world-leading products and services. Data and AI is an exciting area for the manufacturing sector and opens up lots of opportunities. It’s great to see Smartia as one of the exhibitors showcasing the opportunities for this technology on Innovation Alley.”

*Uncredited image courtesy of Depositphotos.