Soaring turnover sees FSL Aerospace aim even higher

Posted on 4 Oct 2016 by Jonny Williamson

Aerospace and defence part specialist, FSL Aerospace is targeting significant growth following an 18% increase in turnover during the past financial year.

Following a £1m rise in sales in the past financial year, FSL Aerospace is reportedly even more driven to target a further 5% increase this year.

FSL Aerospace is a leading supplier of fasteners, fixings and associated components, supporting the aerospace and defence industries for more than 30 years.

The company is based in Uxbridge, Middlesex – image courtesy of FSL Aerospace.
The company is based in Uxbridge, Middlesex – image courtesy of FSL Aerospace.

With a diverse product range, extensive product knowledge and provision of specialist logistical solutions like DLF, VMI and Kanban systems, FSL has grown to become a formidable global player.

General manager of FSL Aerospace, Richard Woodward explained: “Most of the growth we’ve seen has been as a result of signing long-term agreements with established customers, increasing component build rates and extending existing contracts.”

By building a strong reputation in aerospace through what it describes as “consistently reliable supply chain management”, FSL has been able to establish strong connections with aerospace giants.

Purchasing manager at FSL, Nicola Woodley commented: “Managing our supply chain involves lots of variables: people, activities, data and resources, but that’s where our experience and expertise comes in.”

With an impressive 99.3% right first time accuracy rate, Woodley added: “Our excellent systems ensure we run a tight ship.”

FSL has also ramped up its investments in the last year, Woodward noted: “Our investments in IT systems mean that the growth we’ve experienced has been handled smoothly by our existing team.

“I’m proud of how the team has taken on the increased business so efficiently, I think it says a lot about our capabilities as a business.”

Having achieved its fifth consecutive ADS SC21 Bronze Award this year, FSL has the silver award firmly in its sights.

With increased drive and clear capabilities, FSL is aiming to develop programmes with existing clients, as well as developing new clients in the aerospace industry this year.