Staffordshire firm signs landmark deal to help boost air travel safety

Posted on 19 Aug 2020 by Jonny Williamson

Antimicrobial technology born in Staffordshire is set to make air travel safer after a new strategic agreement was signed with MGR Foamtex.

Addmaster, a leading developer of performance enhancing additives for the plastic, paper, textile, paintings and coatings industry, is working with a world-leader in advanced passenger upholstery systems to protect its new product range.

Developed specifically in response to the threat of Covid-19, MGRSafeWall will utilise the Biomaster to provide long-term protection against a wide range of viral and microbial threats on soft furnishings available for new, upgraded and existing aircraft cabins.

Surfaces treated with this technology are proven to reduce the microbial load and the opportunities for cross contamination and provide an important second line of defence in addition to regular cleaning protocols.

The active antimicrobial agent from Addmaster is built into the product during the manufacturing process, so protection is reportedly effective 24/7 for the useful lifetime of the item.

Addmaster founder and CEO, Paul Morris commented: Hygiene is now front and centre of business thinking and none more so than in the travel sector where companies need to give millions of people peace of mind that they can fly safely.

“The strategic agreement is the first in what we hope to be many partnerships, with advanced trials currently taking place with a number of global organisations involved in transport.”

He continued: “You don’t realise how many surfaces you touch when travelling through airports and on aircraft…luggage trolleys, security trays, numerous door handles, counters, seat tables and armrests.

“Regular cleaning is vital, but Biomaster can be a very powerful ally in protecting passengers when in contact with surfaces.”

Addmaster, which recently won its third Queen’s Award in April, is ramping up activities to cope with the growth in demand, including increasing production and appointing additional sales resource to deal with enquiries.

Addmaster developed its technology 20 years ago when it worked with the medical sector to provide products that reduced MRSA.

In the past five years, the company has been developing solutions in the transport sector with the likes of Transport for London, HS2 and the automotive industry.