Statii: the little man thinking big in ERP software

Posted on 26 Jul 2013 by The Manufacturer

A software startup setting out to make an impact in the world of ERP said it aims to revolutionise the market by making its programme the most user friendly on the market.

Statii, a company formed this year by Mark Thornhill, who also runs engineering component supplier Synergetix in Derbyshire, is aimed at smaller businesses constrained by finances or logistics.

He said his company was inspired to create its own software after discovering the lack of choice and availability for a smaller company with limited financial resources, while using spreadsheets and paper was time consuming and used up resources.

After being created by an external programmer, Mr Thornhill and business partner Mark Kemp decided to put the product on the market when they saw how simply the programme operated.

Thornhill, who has over 30 years’ industry experience, said while the company is aware of the dominance of the big companies in the industry, he feels his product offers its own unique alternative.

“We’ve got a clear vision of our product and how it functions and works, based on my experience of factories given my many years of involvement in engineering and manufacturing,” he said.

Having acquired nine customers in just two months, Mr Thornhill feels there is real potential for Statii to establish itself as a viable option in the ever competitive world of ERP software.

“There’s a number of companies using traditional methods of spreadsheets that haven’t moved on from decades ago, and given our simplistic yet affordable approach, the interest has certainly been there to grow.”

He added: “Clients who have seen other systems comment that Statii is refreshingly different from the grey tables and boxes that have been used by other for the past 25 years.”