Steel output increases in first half of year

Posted on 22 Jul 2013

Britain’s steel industry has seen increased output in the first half of the year, according to figures released by UK Steel, a division of manufacturers’ organisation EEF.

According to the data, steel output in the second quarter averaged 231,000 tonnes per week, 10% higher than in the first quarter (210,000 tonnes per week) and 11% higher than the same quarter last year (208,000 tonnes per week).

This was the highest quarterly level since the last quarter of 2009, when output also averaged 231,000 tonnes per week.

Ian Rodgers, director of UK Steel, commented: “This improvement has been mainly driven by increasing output from SSI’s Teesside steelworks which is largely geared towards supplying export markets, and in particular to meeting the needs for semi-finished steel of its Thai owners.

“So while this is good news both for Britain’s balance of payments, and for the economy of the North East, it can’t be allowed to hide the fact that closer to home, steel markets remain depressed in both the UK and the rest of Europe.”