Stick with Europe

Posted on 23 Jan 2013 by The Manufacturer

Charles Morgan, MD of Morgan Motorcars expresses why his business needs Britain to stick with the EU.

Charles Morgan, MD, Morgan Motor Cars
Before the formation of the European Economic Community each country in Europe had its own vehicle certification process. It was necessary to submit a car for approval and test in each market. This was very expensive and time consuming for manufacturers. In the EEC it is possible to do one set of tests which permits the registration of a car for passenger use in any European country.

A modern production car is a highly sophisticated machine and it would be impossible for any one country to develop every technology required to make it. Different countries have developed areas of expertise and economies of scale. As a result the parts that go into a typical passenger car are now made in many different European countries. It is therefore essential that cross border trading is easy for the simple shipment of parts.

Over 70% of Morgan sports cars are exported. Our largest single market is the EEC outside of the UK. For the same reasons it is essential that exports to countries in the EEC are made as easy as possible.

If you have views to express on Britain’s future relationship with the EU email them to [email protected]