Strategy for low carbon businesses to benefit British jobs

Posted on 16 Jul 2009 by The Manufacturer

Gov releases Low Carbon Industrial Strategy to ensure British businesses are equipped to benefit from low carbon economy.

Following on from Building Britain’s Future: New Industry, New Jobs, the Government is seeking to ensure that the transition to low carbon is a source of quality jobs and business savings in Britain, from the rapidly developing civil nuclear and renewable energy sectors, to energy saving in the UK’s SMEs.

The strategy identifies a range of low carbon industries with potential for job creation and growth. These include: wave and tidal power; civil nuclear power; offshore wind; and ultra-low carbon vehicles. Furthermore, it includes the Government’s proposals for removing barriers that are blocking the development of Britain’s potential in the aforementioned areas.

Of the strategy, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson, said: “There is no high carbon future. But if the transition to low carbon is inevitable, what is not inevitable is that we use the transition as a chance to develop new jobs, new industries here in Britain.”

“Today we are announcing the first investments under the £405m funding allocated in the budget. We must ensure that we equip businesses and the workforce with the capabilities and skills to take advantage of the potential benefits as the world moves towards a low carbon future.”

Edward Machin