Superior Group votes for UK manufacture

Posted on 3 Jun 2008 by The Manufacturer

Dorset-based seal and moulding maker Superior Group has made the decision to retain its UK manufacturing, rather than transferring operations to China.

The company, which recently won a Queen’s Award for its export performance, sells a large amount of its products to Chinese machinery- and equipment-making factories, and so had been looking into moving production closer to these primary customers.

But following several visits to the country, managing director Tim Brown concluded that the risk to quality was simply too high.

“To meet our high standards, we would have to replicate the very tight organisation we have here. This would be less of an issue for a big multinational but we have a very flat structure and simply don’t have excess management capacity,” Brown explained.

“We looked at it very carefully,” he added. “In the end, we felt loss of control on such high-integrity products would be too high a price to pay.”