Supplier Days to help manufacturers grow in nuclear market

Posted on 21 Feb 2012

A series of Supplier Days, where local manufacturers can discuss their products with key buyers from the burgeoning nuclear energy sector, are being planned for the Nuclear AMRC, which is set to be opened at the Advanced Manufacturing Park. 

Alan Cumming, commercial director for EDF Energy’s nuclear new build programme in the UK, said that Sheffield and South Yorkshire manufacturers are better placed than their rivals across the UK and Europe to supply the civil nuclear energy industry and should take advantage of having the Nuclear AMRC on their doorstep. “The NAMRC is set to be the single most important hub of the entire UK nuclear energy sector,” he commented.

“It’s a world class facility and is sitting next door to some of the world’s most talented manufacturers, so we will be hosting special events where those manufacturers can get a clear understanding of what we need. It’s time for South Yorkshire’s manufacturers to grab this opportunity with both hands.”

EDF will announce its supplier days later this year, but local manufacturers with a special interest in supplying the nuclear energy industry should contact EDF’s Alan Cumming direct

Martin McKervey, partner at Nabarro, headline sponsor of the Global Manufacturing Festival 2012, said: “It is hoped that South Yorkshire engineering companies specialising in instrumentation, valves,  pumps and other high-end products can grab pole position in this sector as the UK is about to see its largest-ever new-build programme for nuclear energy.”