Supply Chain Academy opens in Essex

Posted on 7 Sep 2012

Supply chain training has stepped up a gear this week as Lord Digby Jones opened the Supply Chain Academy in Upminster.

The new academy will train people in global business supply chain management and will help companies understand all elements of the supply chain from buyers to merchandisers and operators.

Supply Chain Academy Upminster
The Supply Chain Academy is located in Upminster Court

The Academy is based in Upminster Court, a restored Edwardian building, and will provide accommodation for delegates as well as training.

Lord Jones of Birmingham said: “Training that takes place in a Premier Inn by the side of a dual carriageway is not going to inspire anyone. This academy makes a statement that learning and skills development are critically important. The Supply Chain Academy is an inspirational venue for those new to business and for those for whom business is deeply ingrained.”

Subjects covered by the academy include risk management, negotiation, cost structure analysis, finance, law, forecasting and many others. It will also cover ‘T-shaped’ management training.

Academy programme director Zen Yaworsky said: “Britain needs creative and business-minded management to help us out of recession. The Academy is committed to developing ‘intrapreneurs’ – managers who have the commercial energy and inspiration to turn ideas and innovation into profitable ventures within a company.

The famously patriotic Lord Jones added: “If you don’t want China to eat your lunch and India to eat your dinner then you need to make sure you know how to run your business better than you have ever done before. The Supply Chain Academy is going to contribute to that effort and I congratulate them.”

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