Supply chain management for the digital age

Posted on 6 Dec 2016 by The Manufacturer

Ahead of the Oracle Modern Business Experience event next February, Oracle reports on why cloud is the ideal environment to optimise supply chain management.

You can’t escape the cloud. Everywhere you look, on-demand computing resources – from applications to data centres – are being delivered over the internet on a pay-for-use basis.

It comes as no surprise therefore to find that supply chain management (SCM), process-oriented and global in nature, is a likely candidate to benefit from widely accessible and highly configurable cloud-based services.

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Many current supply chain applications can be painful to customise and to add new functionality.

Indeed, the use of cloud in the supply chain is already well established as a way to deliver business applications. According to a recent IDC report, 70% of manufacturing companies are using cloud applications somewhere in their supply chain, while another 25% are actively considering cloud.

Why? Because many current supply chain applications can be painful to customise and to add new functionality. The scalability doesn’t happen as quickly as the CIO demands. Costs are rising as budgets fall. And there’s the perennial concern about security.

The result? A lack of visibility across the entire supply chain, and an inability to adapt dynamically to market volatility.

For many businesses, optimising the global supply chain is a priority, especially as productivity has stalled in certain business segments around the world. The cost/functionality equation of cloud services might make a significant impact in that effort.

The cloud and modern supply chain management

Step forward Oracle SCM Cloud. Built from the ground up for the cloud and for the modern supply chain, Oracle SCM Cloud delivers the visibility, insights, and capabilities you need to create your own intelligent supply chain.

The result: improved margins, revenue growth, and an enhanced customer experience.

Oracle SCM Cloud has been built from the ground up for the cloud and for the modern supply chain.

It has everything: product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced manufacturing, integrated logistics, omni-channel fulfilment, and integrated demand and supply planning.

Better still, Oracle SCM Cloud gives you the flexibility to deploy functionality bit by bit, with minimal risk and lower cost.

Organisations are voting with their feet too. According to the IDC report, for example, the annual growth rate through to 2019 for cloud-based inventory management applications is 26%, compared with 4% on-premise. Product planning cloud applications are also forecast to grow by 16%, compared with 6% for on-premise.

Start 2017 by hearing from industry experts

It’s time for action. You can learn more about transforming your business processes to meet the challenges of the digital landscape at the Oracle Modern Business Experience event, taking place in London on February 1-2, 2017.

It’s a unique opportunity to discover how to get the insights you need to respond quickly, control supply chain costs, and monitor operations to achieve your business goals.

The topics under discussion include how to put the supply chain at the heart of your business, supporting growth with a service-centric supply chain, reimagining the order to cash process, and how an agile cloud environment enables you to react to market demands in real time.

Speakers include Roddy Martin, Vice President of Supply Chain Transformation Thought Leadership and Supply Chain Cloud Product Marketing at Oracle, and Ray Hammond, futurologist and author.

You can register for the event here.