Survey shows workers struggling with pay issues

Posted on 3 Aug 2011 by The Manufacturer

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s Summer 2011 Employee Outlook showed widespread issues with pay freezes and cuts over the past six months.

The survey was conducted on a sample of over 2,000 representative people in employment in the UK. 58% of the respondents reported a pay freeze, 6% said they had experienced a pay cut, while only 25% had been given a pay rise.

Those in the private sector fared better – 77% of respondents working in the public sector had their pay frozen, compared to 52% in the private sector.

“Even those who are lucky enough to get an increase in their pay will find it below the current cost of living, compounding consumer belt tightening,” said Charles Cotton, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) performance and reward adviser. “Inflation figures later this month will highlight growing pricing pressures, which is likely to continue for some time,” he warned.

The survey found that among different sectors, those working in manufacturing were most likely to have seen their base pay increase in the past six months.

The CIPD Employee Outlook survey was conducted between June 20-24. 2,013 employees were surveyed.

George Archer