Sustainable natural disaster accommodation

Posted on 3 Sep 2009 by The Manufacturer

Local manufacturer aims to use 'green' buildings to improve or even save lives of thousands of people affected by natural disasters.

Mansfield entrepreneur Derick Wilson has used years of experience working with crisis teams to launch Blue Planet Buildings, which has developed a portable, flat packed module building with a solar skin that can generate its own useable electrical energy.

The innovation, which has been supported by the University of Nottingham, means that Governments all over the world can react quicker to the problems of temporary housing and Aid Agency’s ‘Rapid Response’ and disaster accommodation, by using the fast delivery of the company’s flat packed module.

This simple effective solution is not only easy to transport, but is cost effective and can be easily and quickly assembled by non-skilled people.

“It all started about two years ago when I was working for the Oman government, searching for 4000 portable buildings to house families living in tents after the cyclone,” says Wilson. “The cost of shipping, pre-installed infrastructure and lack of power made the project undeliverable and got me thinking of a possible solution.

“I set about designing a flat-packed module building based on the size of a shipping container (8’ by 20’) for easy movement. The novel angle is that it comes equipped with all electrical and water fixings pre-installed, thus removing the need and cost of tools and craftsmen to put it up. The design incorporates on the outer face of the roof and wall panels the latest solar material technology meaning the building will generate its own power.

Derick is already in talks with numerous aid agencies and the pioneering nature of the product has also seen the firm shortlisted for the ‘Innovation in Sustainability’ Lord Stafford Award.

Tim Brown