Symington’s reshores Chinese noodle production to Leeds

Posted on 13 Mar 2013 by Tim Brown

Symington's, the manufacturer of food brands including Ragu, Chicken Tonight and Golden Wonder pot noodles, is moving production of its noodles from China to the UK.

UP to 50 jobs will be created when food group Symington’s opens the noodle factory in Yorkshire later this year.

Symington’s director of business development confirmed that the company was working on a project to establish noodle production in Leeds.

The factory in Hunslet, near Leeds, will take on production work which had previously been carried out in two Chinese factories; one in Guangzhou province, inland from Hong Kong, and one in Hangzhou, inland from Shanghai.

Symington’s Symington’shas also bought a gravy production factory, in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire, which employs 20 staff.

The practice of off-shoring production to China has become less attractive for manufactures due to wage increases in the country, with weakness in the sterling making it a far less economical option that once was.

A spokesperson for The spokesman said: “Now – for the first time – the base production of noodles will be taking place in Leeds, instead of China. We decided to do this because we knew that we could supply retailers more quickly if we produced noodles in Leeds.”

The noodle-makers move is the latest in several anecdotal examples of UK companies bringing manufacturing home to UK shores.