Syncron partners with Servitization Thought Leadership Network

Posted on 13 Oct 2016 by The Manufacturer

Syncron, the only aftermarket service provider that exclusively focuses on service parts management and pricing for the world’s leading manufacturers, has today announced a partnership with the Servitization Thought Leadership Network (STLN) in order to drive awareness of services in UK manufacturing and how it can be used to improve financial performance.

The Servitization Thought Leadership Network (STLN) is one of four forums within The Manufacturer’s Thought Leadership Network, a platform providing the necessary insight manufacturers need to embrace present and future trends in the industry; including Servitization, Automation, Additive Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Manufacturers around the world have a major impact on the global economy, with the manufacturing sector contributing £6.7 trillion. As a result, these companies are constantly looking for ways to improve, compete and positively impact their industries.

To learn more about the Servitization Thought Leadership Network and its partners, join the Servitization 2016 Conference on October 18 in Birmingham or The Manufacturer’s Annual Leaders Conference held at the Birmingham’s NEC on November 2-3.

If you are not able to attend one of these events, visit and join the community for free.

A growing number of UK manufacturers are optimising their after-sale businesses to deliver superior customer experiences, while reducing cost and improving profits.

Founder and chairman of the STLN, Henry Anson explained: “We established this platform for manufacturers to discuss and learn about the key issues shaping the future of the industry.

“Specifically, we aim to demonstrate how after-sale service – service delivered after the sale of a new product – can allow manufacturers to achieve differentiation and greater profitability. We are delighted to partner with Syncron, who will contribute extensive expertise in the key areas of service parts management and pricing which are critical to delivering world class service.”

In addition to Syncron, STLN’s partners includes AGFA; Airbus; BAE Systems; GE; Jaguar Land Rover; Rolls-Royce, and Selex, among others.

The community specifically allows for:

  • Posing questions to industry thought leaders and receiving quick responses
  • Discussing innovations, issues and achievements among peers
  • Access to thought leadership articles, insights, case studies and primary research
  • Engaging face-to-face at annual networking events

Gill Devine, VP Sales Western Europe, Syncron, added: “As manufacturers continue to seek ways to improve profitability, STLN offers the resources necessary to do just this.

“We look forward to engaging with STLN’s members, especially to discuss innovative service strategies, as well as trends and challenges, and to sharing our experience on how service parts management and pricing can drive both profits and customer satisfaction.”