Tacton Smart Commerce Online Summit: Drive Sales and Secure Future Business Growth

Posted on 13 Apr 2021 by The Manufacturer

A digital revolution is well underway in manufacturing and has been accelerated during the last year. Manufacturers across industries feel that they must gear up for change and re-think their B2B Manufacturing Buying Journey. This is mainly because more and more clients are expecting a seamless B2C experience when interacting with manufacturing companies.

This revolution is forcing companies to take a digital-first approach in the way they sell and produce highly customizable products. Following the success of last year’s Smart Commerce Online Summit, Tacton will host the next virtual conference in the series on Thursday, May 6th, 15:00 CET. The event’s theme is “Drive Sales and Secure Future Business Growth” and attendees will discover:

  • How manufacturers can raise their game in this marketing, sales, and service revolution.
  • How manufacturers can tackle the challenges of the new B2B buying behavior.
  • What are success strategies and critical business capabilities of the sales of the future.


The SMART COMMERCE ONLINE SUMMIT is the virtual conference and enabler for decision-makers and business strategists. Practical presentations will provide valuable insights and information on the topic of digital sales and how the use of innovative digital solutions supports companies in developing new business models and generating growth.

Presenters at the event will include Thomas Wrana, Senior Manager at Accenture; Bastian Fietje, Manager of Group Projets & IT at Plus Pack; Aaron Craig, Global Marketing Director at nVent; and Bo Gyldenvang, Tacton’s CEO.

Selling manufacturing products has never been more challenging. The race is on to reinvent the B2B Manufacturing Buying Experience! Join the Tacton Smart Commerce Online Summit and clinch the pole position. For more information, or to register to attend, follow the link here.