Talking Industry Live partners with MTC to host unique learning experience

Posted on 13 Mar 2023 by The Manufacturer
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Talking Industry, the highly regarded series of online panel discussions and podcasts, is set to bring exhibitors and visitors together in a unique environment with Talking Industry Live in partnership with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

Talking Industry Live will provide an environment for delegates to learn about cutting edge technologies and best practice through unscripted panel discussions, presentations, live demos and workshops.

Limited to 400 delegates, this unique one-day event will be broken in to five distinctive elements allowing visitors to tailor their own experience learning new skills, meet new suppliers and gain knowledge whilst networking with peers.

This format allows visitors to learn new skills, meet with new suppliers and gain knowledge while networking with peers in a high-end environment.

There will be three 45-minute interactive sessions throughout the day. Audience participation will be encouraged, and questions will be taken throughout the discussions.

Topics include:

  • Robotics & Automation
  • Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) & Digital Manufacturing
  • Industrial Data & AI

In addition, there will be in-depth workshops provided by our content partners. (Places are limited to 40 per session so pre-registration is advised)

Content partner workshops


Managing Equipment Safety & Cyber Security in The Modern Factory: Although the number of machinery-led workplace accidents has fallen over the past few years many experts are expecting this figure to rise as advanced technology is introduced onto the factory floor.

With some of the most advanced machinery-safety technology available – Euchner is in a great place to explain the emerging trends in safety-related control standards and what this means for your business. Additionally, each of the workshop sessions will include a Q&A discussion with practical contributions from industry leading experts in the field of industrial cyber-security and machinery safety integration. This informative and interactive legislation-led plant-safety & cyber security focused workshop gives everyday advice and promises to be insightful for those organisations starting their journey or already well on their way.

Some of the topics covered:

  • OT (Operational Technology) v. IT (Information Technology) – the increased use of Ethernet based fieldbus systems throughout our factories brings with it a need for a different skillset and when you add the additional layer of safety & security into the mix then careful consideration is required. If the office document takes a few-hundred extra milliseconds to get to the printer then this is not a big deal but if this is an emergency stop command shutting down a hazardous process the consequences of those few hundred milliseconds could be damaging. A great presentation covering safety over digital platforms is promised.
  • COBOTS still need consideration – Collaborative robot deployment is growing exponentially and across a diverse range of applications… although these systems regularly have a level of inbuilt safety control within, too often the integration does not consider the wider risks involved when installing this type of equipment.
  • Machinery Safety Standards & Legislation – From UKCA to the latest developments in Safety-Related Control System Standards, the workshop will offer practical advice and assistance to demystify the complex framework currently in place. Experts will deep dive into a number of too-often-neglected topics including ownership of the safety-related IP, the missing steps in the Risk-Assessment process and the current trends including IO-Link Safety.


Smarter Panel Building: In order to master the challenges of the shortage of skilled workers in machine and control cabinet construction, EPLAN and Rittal will jointly be hosting a workshop which focuses on ways in which technology can be utilised to get the very best from employees, increase productivity and reduce errors.

Seminars include:

Collaborative Automation: Solving the UK Productivity Puzzle.

Barry Graham, OMRON

Learn how collaborative automation can enable a more flexible production floor.  In this seminar we address key barriers to adoption such as skills, cash and application development and show how technology can work in harmony with humans to optimise outcomes.

Mobile Robotics: Mobile, flexible & resilient – The factory of the future.

Marsha MarcusKennedy, KUKA

Static production lines have made way for the next generation of robots, replaced by intelligent, mobile robot units, that can navigate autonomously and offer total flexibility for industrial manufacturing & internal logistics, heralding the next era of cyber-physical production landscapes.

Additive Manufacturing: Automated 3D Printing – Exponential Manufacturing Possibilities. Luke Rogers, AI Build

3D printing is now considered a standard part of manufacturers toolkits across industry as a cost effective and accelerated alternative to conventional manufacturing techniques, such as subtractive manufacturing. Robotics & automation can enable a broad adoption of 3D printing, the key to which has to be ease of use and repeatable outcomes within fully integrated high-quality systems.

Visitors will also benefit from a networking breakfast upon arrival, refreshments throughout the day, and a two-course luncheon, all provided free of charge. Parking is also complementary.

Why Condition Monitoring? Why not? Vincent Burson, ifm electronic Ltd

Where to start, what are the gains and what is the ROI?

Live Demos will be available throughout the day and delegates can get hands on with products from companies including: Omron, Novotek, KUKA, Motor technology, Werma, Charter Controls, Weidmuller, Euchner, Rittal, Eplan, Sick, MIR & Scorpion Vision.

To register your interest in attending please click here.