Tata Innovation Showcase

Posted on 24 Apr 2017 by Fred Tongue

The Manufacturer talks to Tata about their latest technologies at their Innovation Showcase.

Tata, the global conglomerate with interests in everything from tea to IT and most things in-between, including Tata Steel, Jaguar Land Rover and high-end manufacturing technologies, showcased the work of its 19 UK component companies at the Royal Society.

Guests were invited to imagine buying their next JLR car via virtual reality, examine technologies that will power robot space exploration and examine the TAMO Recemo, the first sports car ever made by an Indian manufacturer. With embedded Microsoft machine-learning and cloud connective technology, the new Racemo is part of the industry’s ultimate move towards driverless cars.

The event was staged at the Royal Society in London, with whom Tata has a 10-year relationship involving the funding by Tata’s UK companies of 9 new university research Fellows in the Physical Sciences and Engineering.

Nick Peters interview three of the key players in the UK.

He asked Tata UK Ltd’s Executive Director David Landsman about Brexit, how global political uncertainty affects business, Tata’s commitment to the UK, what he would like to see from the government’s impending industrial strategy and UK relations with India.

Nick Peters asked Nick Sale, Chief Operating Office, Europe, Tata Technologies about the way in which his business is adapting to the technologies 4IR, or Industry 4.0, and about the work they are doing with global automotive and aerospace companies.

Nick asked John O’Connor, Director and Head of Tata Motors European Technical Centre about the work being done at the ETC and about Tata’s future collaborative project, the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) at Warwick University, due to open later this year.