The data people

Posted on 11 Jul 2015 by The Manufacturer

Have you noticed that your customers are more informed about your brand and products? Hayden Richards has.

Data, data everywhere…now what to do with it

Most are at the stage where they don’t require intervention by your sales staff as they would have conducted due diligence well in advance before coming into contact.

Today’s connected customers are fully in control of the buying cycle, driven in part by the rise of digital, which gives both parties a distinct advantage.

Hayden Richards, digital native & growth hacker, The Manufacturer
Hayden Richards, digital native & growth hacker, The Manufacturer

The new shift to an empowered customer means in reality, these days manufacturers have to compete quite fiercely for the attention of customers. When manufacturing operations span the globe this can actually begin to get quite expensive.

Digital’s rise does present a challenge as to how manufacturers can deliver the best experiences for their customers and the key to it all is the data they hold and how it is utilised.

So while the opportunity is there to develop a more personalised view of the customer, don’t allow your data to get siloed, instead strive for a seamless end to end solution where all your assets integrate to provide that 360 degree view.

Learn to leverage machine data and use it to develop bespoke, actionable customer care and service. In my last article I touched on CRMs. Today’s tools can digitise marketing campaigns, support existing workflows and measure and optimise various campaigns.

Going forward manufacturers will have to learn how to harness intelligent platforms that can analyse large scale data and redistribute it throughout the business to assure long term customer satisfaction.

The good news is your digital interactions will provide you with the opportunity to develop meaningful long term customer relationships.