The invisible threat that manufacturers must take seriously

Posted on 28 Sep 2021 by The Manufacturer
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From a blocked interceptor causing mass flooding to an under-performing drainage pump causing a backlog of foul water, the repercussions poor drainage can have on a manufacturing site are vast. After all, drainage is integral to every single facility required for a streamlined operation.

Today, businesses are encouraged to take out insurance against a multitude of threats. Billions of pounds are spent each year protecting firms from cyber attacks, and billions more are spent on commercial insurance as a form of protection from the 600,000 crimes committed against businesses every 12 months.

But so many forget to safeguard the physical infrastructure supporting a manufacturing plant or site. Specifically, poorly maintained drainage systems – working invisibly, below ground – can be the difference between a successful year or one that’s impacted by downtime and disruption.

Now, it could be your staff toilets and canteen that need to close, or worse, flooding affects your car park welcoming suppliers or warehouse stocking raw materials. Downtime in any of these environments can significantly compromise your hard work, reputation and workforce. Plus, when industry is responsible for generating almost 20% of GDP, millions of people depend on you taking steps to minimise disruptions caused by poor drainage.

Doing so requires an investment into Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) programmess which support you to keep your premises fully operational by ensuring your drains, pumps and plumbing never lead to disaster.

Metro Rod is trusted by some of the UK’s leading manufacturers to deliver cost-effective drainage maintenance and first-time fix and repair services. These include services that reduce any potential risk to their business through the use of drain cleaning methods such as high-pressure drain jetting, grease trap and interceptor emptying, pump servicing and other planned services that are tailored to your site.

Our nationwide team of expertly trained engineers are available around the clock, operating from over 50 depots that are within one hour’s travel time of 85% of commercial properties in the UK. That means a local engineer is always on the doorstep to support you and your customers. A trained professional that understands the difference any amount of downtime at your facility makes to the local economy.

At Metro Rod, we can provide full clarity of the expansive drainage network running beneath your site using our drain mapping software. This can then be worked into your flood and trade effluent plans. We will also work with you to develop a complete programme of maintenance works to ensure you avoid emergency building closures and engineer call outs. Plus, we’ll factor in your periods of planned shutdown, ensuring we can conduct maintenance at times which suit you best. And as we’re accredited to ISO 9001 and CHAS, we offer the highest quality service in the industry, so you know you can rely on us.

And should the worst happen, and a blockage occur, we’ll use a CCTV drain survey to get to the root cause. Not only will we find and clear the blockage, but we’ll be able to develop a greater understanding of the condition and fix any potential future issues before they have a chance to take hold. We combine the latest iTouch technology within our CCTV drain surveys and cutting edge reporting to provide a comprehensive report of our findings and intelligent recommendations to prevent future drainage issues.

The economic and social challenges we face as a society right now will make the role of UK-based manufacturing an even more vital sector in the coming years. Those who want to play a role in that movement will need to take steps today to prevent unexpected problems and downtime caused by their drainage system.

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