The latest view on Digital Transformation from Atos

Posted on 5 Mar 2018 by The Manufacturer

Atos and The Manufacturer teamed up for a third year in a row to bring together leading industrial decision-makers in Atos’ London office, to discuss four key industry challenges at the ‘Transforming Manufacturing Embracing Digital’ roundtable event.

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The key concern for Digital Transformation was the confusion around individual progress along the digital journey, and how to move forward.

The thoughts and opinions of these industry leaders were recorded and compiled to create the third edition of the co-branded Directive on Digital Transformation report, which provides a unique insight into what manufacturers have to say about new digital technologies and more.

Manufacturers’ key concern regarding their business’ digital transformation was the confusion around individual progress along the digital journey.

Embracing digital

After keynote speaker, Dr Sam Turner, CTO at High Value Manufacturing Catapult, presented his thoughts on how best to embrace digital technologies in this rapidly changing digital climate. The attendees formed breakout groups to deep dive into this challenge and more.

The key concern that surfaced from these conversations about digital business transformation was the confusion around individual progress along the digital journey, and how to move this forward.

One attendee pointed out, “Because we cannot predict the future, it makes it difficult to trust”. This lead to a discussion around how best to innovate and attendees identified the need to look at modern technologies in a variety of ways to find new users for them to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition.

Think big, start small

However, the attendees highlighted that the implementation of these technologies needs to be incremental, with less disruptive technologies being introduced before drastic changes to full processes can be made.

The costs of making huge investments in digital technology was also considered, and attendees pointed out that these must be truly innovative rather than simply replacing existing processes.

This is just a short overview of the points discussed by the attendees at the event, and the entire third edition of the Directive on Digital Transformation co-branded report, containing the other sections: Industry 4.0, STEM, and Data Security, Trust and Compliance can be downloaded here.

This is a one of a kind piece of thought leadership that aims to provide insight into the issues that manufacturers are experiencing, and to document industry experts’ thoughts on how to best tackle these issues.

The first, second and third editions of this white paper and specific industry sub-reports are available for download now on the Atos website.