The Manufacturer Podcast: A brush with warehouse data robots

Posted on 22 Jul 2022 by Tom St John

The editorial team returns for another episode of The Manufacturer Podcast, where some of the team visit a manufacturer of impressive warehouse robots.

This episode features a fascinating factory visit to BotsAndUs; manufacturers of autonomous data robots that are used to capture data in real time across warehouses and factories. We preview the July/August edition of The Manufacturer Magazine which is about to hit desks and doorways. We also feature two interviews from our recent Manufacturing Digitalisation Summit up in Manchester which took place last week.

There’s all that and more to enjoy in this episode – take a listen!


Oana Jinga, Co-Founder of BotsAndUs on how these robots are working with the current workforce

Oana Jinga, Co-Founder of BotsAndUs

“When it comes to stocktaking, obviously the reliability and accuracy of the data that the robots collect is always going to be much better because that’s what happens when you use a digital device. It gets recorded exactly how it is on the pallet. For example, quite a few of our customers actually have to write down barcode information or air waybills that come with the goods. When you write things down, you might make mistakes – so from an accuracy perspective, digitising that element is always going to be a step forward.

“It also allows you to get the data much more frequently and in different volumes. If you can imagine somebody going location by location to warehouses, scanning items and boxes with a handheld scanner and then writing the information down on paper. With a robot you can get that information in literally a split second, across an entire rack.  Automatically it’s just giving you more data, more accurately and more frequently – it’s a better inventory process all round.”

Andrei Danescu, Co-Founder of BotsAndUs on developments in the technology of robots

Andrei Danescu, Co-Founder of BotsAndUS

“The technology will definitely continuously develop and improve, it will become better and more robust. It will also become more versatile and more affordable for a vast majority of warehouse operators.

We’re seeing this from from multiple angles; some of the sensors and the perception systems are becoming a lot more affordable, which in terms means you can get better quality data and derive a lot more insight from it.

“This also applies to the intelligence behind the system. The software is starting to improve – it’s a lot more high performance and a lot more robust. It means that deploying such technology takes a matter of hours rather than days, weeks or even months in some cases if you go back 5 or 10 years ago.”

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