The Manufacturer Podcast: Innovation and reflection

Posted on 16 Dec 2022 by Tom St John

In this episode of The Manufacturer Podcast - innovation gains are assessed and 2022 is reviewed.

Hi there listener, in this bumper episode of The Manufacturer Podcast, we say goodbye to 2022 with an end of year special.

Our most excellent podcast sponsors Accenture join us to review the trends in manufacturing and technology innovation. Stephanie Lindan and George Long join us to discuss common misconceptions, the areas where manufacturers are making progress and the abundant rewards that can be achieved through innovation.

Elsewhere, our editorial team look back over a wonderful 2022. What interviews and bits of content have they enjoyed bringing you most? Lend us your ears, and we’ll tell you.

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Has it been a good year for innovation within manufacturing? 

Stephanie Lindan: I feel that necessity is the mother of innovation, to find new and impactful ways to do things when there’s a strong, urgent need to act. So yes, in 2022 innovation has been accelerated by the volatility in the world, such as the cost of living crisis that we’re going through, energy management needs and a greater pressure than ever to take in to account sustainability and ESG factors for not just the future of work, but to revolutionise what we make and how we make it as businesses. 

George Long: We’ve got a lot to learn as human beings in regards to this innovation process. But there are some truly wonderful examples out there in the world today of how innovation can be applied. In summary, scaling all of this is the real challenge, when it comes to true innovation that’s where the rubber hits the road.

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Yearly highlights from our editorial team

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Joe: Trip to Leonardo Helicopters and article on Coca Cola .

Tom: Interview with Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bicycle

Keep an ear out for The Manufacturer Podcast in 2023!