The Manufacturer Top 100 alumni goes on to be nominated for an MBE

Posted on 12 Apr 2022 by The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer Top 100 are the most dynamic leaders and innovators in manufacturing, as nominated by The Manufacturer’s 265k-strong audience, the wider industrial community, and judged by our esteemed judging panel featuring leaders of industry, academic institutions and manufacturing associations.

We publicly recognise the heroes of UK manufacturing, those who stand out for their contribution to changing the face of industry; finding new markets; making a marked investment in people, processes, technology, and customers, or for making an impact disproportionate to their years.

The Manufacturer is proud to share the news that since TJ Duncan-Moir became one of our Top 100, and a top 20 exemplar, she has progressed from the manufacturing business to create an improvement specialist business using her skills, knowledge and experience gained to parachute into other businesses (manufacturing) to identify their gaps and create their own platform for success and become a proud MBE.

The business (Business GLU) was founded at the beginning of the pandemic and TJ immediately got involved with a manufacturing engineering company to diversify and create PPE that was provided to NHS Nightingale Hospital, GP Surgeries, Food and Drink Manufacturers and an array of businesses to enable them to continue during the outbreak of the pandemic.

Since then TJ have helped other businesses and guided them to assist them to recover and moved them forward with fantastic results.

Speaking to TJ on her achievements, she said: “On Wednesday 30th March I was invited to Windsor Castle and was awarded an MBE for my services to female entrepreneurship and Business Recovery from Covid-19.  Princess Royal who presented me with my MBE was delighted that my career has been in Manufacturing and she asked specifically if British (which it is).  She commended me on my services and commented that there are so many SMEs needing such support.

“I am proud of my manufacturing background and am delighted to share this with you as someone who previously acknowledged this too.”

Once again, we are scouring the length and breadth of the nation to find 100 of the greatest people working in manufacturing; 100 unique and uplifting stories of struggle, grit, determination, and success against all the odds, personal tales of individuals helping to change popular perceptions of careers in manufacturing and draw young people into sector.

This year we have introduced 3 BRAND new categories.

⚙️ Digital Transformer – for an individual who has made a significant impact within their organisation’s journey towards digital transformation
🌿Net Zero Hero – for an individual who has been instrumental in inspiring their company to step up to the sustainability challenge and is driving the journey towards net zero within their organisation
🔈Sector Activist – for an individual outside of the sector who is having a direct impact on changing the public perception of manufacturing


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