The Manufacturer Top 100 Alumni Summer Party

Posted on 7 Jul 2022 by The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer recently toasted the members of the Top 100 community with a summer party on the river Thames. Attended by former alumni, judges and industry supporters, the evening was an opportunity for the community to come together, network and collaborate.

Manufacturing is a sector that is perhaps overlooked by the mainstream media, yet it is a vibrant and dynamic arena. In the myriad of topics we discuss with manufacturers, it is remarkable how often that conversation comes back to people and the amazing, innovative and ground-breaking work that is being done by individuals in the sector. We at The Manufacturer therefore feel that it is important that we come together and celebrate that fact, particularly with some of the unprecedented challenges that the sector has faced in recent years. And that’s what the Top 100 is all about. 

In times of uncertainty and challenge, it is the innovators and problem solvers that come to the fore as they are the ones who are at the coal face of change – that is UK manufacturing in a nutshell. Whether that be addressing the skills shortage, the drive to net zero, embracing digital transformation, reinventing traditional and vulnerable supply chains, or even those individuals who sometimes go unnoticed but are still great at what they do and inspirational because of it.  

It is, therefore, imperative that we take the time to recognise and celebrate the stellar work that is being undertaken in the sector, and the incredible people who are driving it forward – not just for them, but for the next-generation of leaders who will be integral to a flourishing manufacturing sector in the future.  

Alexander Brandham, Group Leader Assembly at BMW Group said: “It was really great to connect with fellow Top 100 alumni, both from my year and previous winners, and to take the opportunity to further celebrate the amazing talent within UK manufacturing.”

“The Manufacturer Top 100 summer reception was an excellent opportunity to meet fellow alumni and share experiences and views for the future development of a strong and prosperous manufacturing sector in the UK.” said Mike Wilson, Chief Automation Officer at The MTC.

Grace Gilling, Managing Director at The Manufacturer said: “This year The Manufacturer Top 100 alumni community will grow to 900 individuals. With the sector suffering immense and still growing pressures with rising energy prices, supply chain issues, and the ever increasing skills gap, it’s really important for us to provide a platform for these inspirational individuals to come together to make new connections, foster collaboration and share insights to help solve these challenges.

“The Manufacturer Top 100 is about celebrating and promoting amazing individuals in the sector. Please support the programme and nominate for this year’s cohort before 19 August.”

Now in its ninth year, the Top 100 is as much a community as it is an awards, and of course that community grows stronger each and every year with the new entry of alumni. There is still time to nominate for the Top 100 2022 to celebrate those in the sector that deserve recognition. It could be someone driving innovation within your organisation; a young pioneer providing inspiration for the future of manufacturing in the UK, or it could be an unsung hero that has perhaps flown under the radar. In addition, this year we have added three new categories to the awards programme – digital transformer, net zero hero and sector activist.

Please don’t forget to nominate. Entries close on 19 August.