The path to digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Posted on 24 Jan 2018 by The Manufacturer

Ken Gill from manufacturing IT expert and Qlik partner, Informance, says that the path to digital transformation is easier than you think.

The path to digitalisation requires connecting existing silos of data to achieve a smarter, more adaptive ‘connected factory’.

The question everyone is asking is what does the Fourth Industrial Revolution really mean for manufacturers within the supply chain and how can they use its principles to build a framework for their users to fully understand how it can benefit their day-to-day operations?

The business benefits that Industry 4.0 can bring – improved operations, business agility, efficiency, productivity, product quality and time to market with a deeper visibility within your supply chain – are clear to see.

But connecting your people, processes, equipment and data together without disruption to your business sounds costly and complex.

We all know what the digital benefits of collaboration and of data being shared securely through various operating systems and solutions are particularly to people close to the factory floor.

Highly flexible mass production, predictive maintenance, accurate and fast management reporting, improved decision making and an optimised and cost-effective supply chain.

And in today’s competitive market, manufacturers are always looking to improve efficiency by utilising big data analytics and business intelligence to connect their business and turn their data into actionable insights, but that Industry 4.0 is a multifaceted challenge.

At Informance, we find when talking to manufacturers the most common misconception to implementing smart manufacturing is that you “have to replace or modernise all your legacy systems and software” to achieve a ‘connected factory’.

But in fact, most organisations already capture data and store it somewhere, so the path to digitalisation is just about connecting these many silos of data to achieve an entire factory connected and collaborating with logistics, sales, human resources, finance, management and the supply chain.

The barriers to entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution are not as complicated as you think, but the benefits are limitless. So, don’t get lost in the complexity of Industry 4.0 or fear the need for expensive IT investment.

Whatever your size or type of organisation, we can help you realise your digital transformation by providing a solution that quickly connects all your existing data, without you having to change systems, so you can collaborate more insightfully and improve performance and profitability now.

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