The top UK engineering firms for fresh graduates

Posted on 29 Jun 2016 by The Manufacturer

Engineering remains as one of the most sought after skills in the UK job market and a job with a top UK engineering company can open up a wealth of opportunities for a young graduate.

But once you actually get your engineering degree; what do you do then? Who will hire you? Below is a helpful list of some of the top UK engineering companies who are always looking for fresh new talent.

Hilti GB

To Hilti, it doesn’t matter if you went to a dedicated college of engineering or a university that had a generally good engineering course; they are looking for bright, hardworking, young graduates to move them forward into the future. Hilti offer a wide range of products, including drilling, demolition, diamond cutting, construction lasers, powder-actuated fastening and so much more. For a young engineer, Hilti would prove a great place to learn and evolve with its varied product base keeping your work fresh for years.


A great company for the perfectionist in you. Renishaw specialise in precision measurement and process control, as well as technological advancement in healthcare. Their engineering skills mean that they design products for jet engines as well as brain surgeons. With offices in over 35 countries, Renishaw is global and so perfect for any engineering graduate from anywhere in the world.

Babcock International

Babcock is an engineer’s dream company. They have their fingers in many pies across the world and are affecting the industries of, energy, mining and construction, automotive, nuclear, education, rail, defence, marine, and more. No matter what you specialised in as an engineer, there will definitely be a place for you at Babcock.

Jaguar Land Rover

I’m sure many people get into engineering so that they can go and work for the top notch car companies of the world. Obviously, you could go and work for any car manufacturer you wanted, however Jaguar Land Rover are listed amongst the top ten companies (and the only car manufacturer to be listed) for engineering graduates (2016/2017). A large part of the rankings are made up of reviews written by their own graduate employees, and they are the people you are going to want to listen to.


Essentially, if you work at Thales, you can call yourself a rocket scientist as they engineer products relating to orbital infrastructure, space exploration, telecommunications, and earth observation. Like Babcock, they also have many fingers in many pies as they engineer for the defence, aerospace, and transportation industries. Thales is a smorgasbord of a company that is always looking to hire the best and brightest of the latest engineering crop of students.

Whether you’re interests lie in space exploration, motor vehicles, or heavy industry, there is something for you in this list. Check out their sites and find the information about how they operate and take a more in depth look at the services they provide to see if they would be a good first step in your career.