Tips to help you improve warehouse loading efficiency

Posted on 1 May 2015 by The Manufacturer

Working on a warehouse loading dock is not only strenuous but it requires a good deal of speed.

As one shipment is coming in another is being loaded for an outgoing run. Warehouse workers need to be constantly on top of a number of tasks at the same time. Since ‘time is money’ it is essential to work quickly and efficiently while seeing to safety at the same time. With a little planning and the right equipment, it is possible to speed up the process significantly while ensuring the safety of workers.

Here are a few tips that might solve more than a few problems.

Increase productivity with digital signage

One of the greatest innovations to come along in years is the concept of digital signage for dock workers. These large boards light up with the ETA of arrivals, contents of incoming and outgoing shipments and other useless bits of information needed by loaders, drivers and support staff. In the past it was generally the driver or the crew leader that held a clipboard with a log of the load. Because of this he was only able to call out orders to the guys doing the loading/unloading. Digital signage frees his hands because there is no longer a clipboard to refer to. Everything is up on the digital display and now all workers can see exactly what he alone was seeing in the past.

Ensure safety with improved loading ramps and dock boards

While not new to the industry, the technology behind loading ramps and dock boards is improving by the day. Now there are models that are lighter weight than ever before because they are made out of alloys that have the load capacity of their much heavier predecessors. It is essential to safety and expediency to have the proper loading ramp or dock board for the truck and the load it is carrying. These are graded by load capacity and if the wrong load is chosen, the ramp may not be able to withstand the weight. This is a safety issue that must be dealt with at the first sign of buckling. To see just how far the industry has progressed, take a look at these dock boards.

Work safely at night with super bright lights

There was a time when loading docks only operated during daylight hours. The crew worked a 9 to 5 and everyone headed home when the ‘whistle blew.’ When drivers were late getting into the dock, the truck would be left overnight to be loaded in the morning. Now with the advent of super bright LED lights for warehouses and loading docks, it is possible to light up the area as if it were midday and workers can be on the job at any time of the day or night.

With the ability to work around the clock efficiently and safely, warehouses are more productive than ever before. The crew loading and unloading shipments can simply glance up at the digital signage to see when the next truck is due to arrive while they are in the midst of unloading the current truck. By using any of these tips, you can increase productivity while ensuring the safety of your crew.