The top 4 reasons why standby generators are purchased

Posted on 13 Apr 2017 by The Manufacturer

Depending on what the cause is, a power outage can last a few seconds or a few days, and there really isn’t any way of predicting when one will occur.

Investing in a standby generator is the most effective way to make sure your home or business is safe when you are at the highest risk of hazard. Here are the top reasons that people buy standby generators.

Inclement weather

In 2016, there was a blizzard that hit more than 80 million Americans on the East Coast and left hundreds of thousands of people out of power. In North Carolina, there were 150,000 homes without electricity and 90,000 in the state of New Jersey. You never know when disaster is going to strike so being prepared is always the best course of action.

It doesn’t have to be a storm that knocks your power out either. Extreme heat and humidity is also known to stress out the power grid in a big way.

Lowers insurance premiums

Rain or shine, a standby generator will keep your home or business humming even if your neighbors are stuck in the dark. Insurance carriers understand this and know that when your lights and security systems are always on, even when everyone else’s are out, it’s not as likely that you’ll be making a theft claim. Many insurance carriers view a standby generator as an investment in theft prevention which can reduce your monthly premium.

Adds value to your home or business

High-tech installations can be a risky move. For example, a home or business with a fully wired audio-visual system might have gone for a lot money a decade ago, but with everything going wireless, there has been a steep depreciation in value. However, certain smart devices can add a lot of value to a home, like the Nest smart-thermostat that controls the temperature of your home with the assistance of an app that can be accessed via smart phone or tablet. It’s a simple installation that costs around $300 dollars, yet can boost the value of your home by quite a lot.

A Generac standby generator can power your entire house or a small business in the event of a power failure. As with the Nest thermostat, being able to add a standby generator to your listing can add 3 to 5 percent value (according to to a home, which can translate to thousands of dollars.

Prevent storm damage costs

Adding insult to injury, sitting in a dark unproductive, let alone incredibly boring – you are losing money. If the power is out for long enough, any perishables that require cooling will need to be replaced. it goes long enough without proper cooling, you will have to pay to replace all of the food from your refrigerator and freezer. If there is extensive flooding during an outage, your sump pump won’t function correctly and will be unable to drain any flooding that might enter your basement, home or office and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you have a property in a particularly cold area, if the power goes out, the pipes are liable to freeze over and explode. This can also cost you thousands upon thousands in repairs. Standby power helps keep these essential functions operating at optimal capacity even when you aren’t there.