Toyota seen through green tinted glasses

Posted on 16 Mar 2009 by The Manufacturer

People here in the UK see Toyota as the ‘greenest’ major car manufacturer, according to a survey carried out by classified car listing magazine Auto Trader.

A quarter of the people asked said the Japanese Prius producer was the most environmentally sound. It was followed by Honda (20%), BMW (9%) and Volkswagon (6%)
But 40% of people think that car manufacturers in general are not doing enough to help the climate issue and a further 30% said the industry “could do more”.

Three-quarters claimed they would swap their current car for a more environmentally friendly one if fuelling was affordable while three in five said they’d go green if performance matched a conventional car.

In response, Matt Thompson, group marketing director at Auto Trader, said: “It is important that manufacturers recognise the shifting demands of motorists and respond accordingly with low emission, high MPG vehicles in a low tax band.”

Bio-fuelled cars seem to have struck a slightly sweeter note with the UK population than hybrids; 45% said they are considering purchasing an example of the former while 40% are edging towards the latter.

Overall though, a resounding 85% of people still said price is their primary concern, ahead of environmental performance, when they decide which new car to buy.