Toyota UK: Using the sun to power the plant

Posted on 11 Dec 2018 by The Manufacturer

The UK’s largest factory-connected Solar PV system allowed Toyota to generate their own power, naturally.

Toyota’s assembly plant at Burnaston has a 17,000 panel solar array that generates 4.1 MW of electricity, which is claimed to be enough to make approximately 7,000 cars annually
Toyota’s assembly plant at Burnaston has a 17,000 panel solar array that generates 4.1MW of electricity, which is enough to make around 7,000 cars annually – image courtesy of Toyota UK.

Toyota UK wanted a partner to create a turnkey, greener solution for the country’s largest factory-connected Solar photovoltaic (PV) installation.

The project was to help power Toyota’s first European Model Sustainable Plant at Burnaston (Derbyshire).

The automotive giant turned to Centrica Business Solutions.

Following Centrica Business Solutions’ commission, there was a change in the government Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) scheme for large-scale systems – a programme that promoted the uptake of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies.

This change allowed Centrica Business Solutions to significantly accelerate the project, with installation and commissioning being completed in less than four months from project approval

Centrica Business Solutions was responsible for the full development of the site including environmental studies and planning support.

During the 10-week construction programme, nearly 17,000 PV modules, 240 inverters and 140km of cabling and associated HV works were installed.

This was a funded project providing the project finance through a funding vehicle. Toyota receive all the electricity generated, and the funding vehicle takes any FiT revenue.

The PV system is now providing 5% of Toyota’s site energy consumption, helping the business to cut costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

The installation has now been sold to Bluefield LLP, a specialist investor in UK renewable energy and Solar PV.

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