Treatment Bag chosen as The Manufacturer’s official charity partner for 2024

Posted on 6 Feb 2024 by The Manufacturer

Treatment Bag has been chosen as The Manufacturer's official charity partner for 2024.

A not-for-profit charity dedicated to adult cancer patients of all genders and their friends, family and colleagues, Treatment Bag creates luxury gift bags full of items specifically chosen as antidotes to the often brutal side-effects of cancer treatments. Gifts are individually wrapped by volunteers and include soft cashmere beanies and scarves for the chills, gentle organic moisturisers for ravaged skin, lavender sleep spray for restless nights, gentle tea and mugs for a well-earned rest, lip balms for sensitive mouths and organic chocolate for a healthy treat.

There are Treatment Bags for men and women which can be ordered via the website and in return for a donation, sent directly to the patient with a personalised handwritten note.

How it all began

Founded in 2018, the charity was born from first-hand experience of one of the trustees when sitting in the largely silent chemotherapy room in hospital. An apple farmer appeared, ready to have his treatment (possibly still in wellies, covered in straw – some of the details are hazy), laden with carrier bags full of apples. Despite not knowing anyone in the room, he had decided to treat everyone with the fruits of his harvest. A man of few words, he silently walked around the room handing out a bag to each patient until taking his own place before being hooked up to his drip. The atmosphere in the room changed and a new positive energy of hope and community quashed the previous silent fear and introspection.

A good choice – not just for the patient

Treatment Bags are an ideal gift for family, friends and colleagues who have received a cancer diagnosis as each gift has been especially chosen for what can be a very difficult situation. The contents of the large bags retail at over twice the requested donation.

Corporate support

We are hopeful that with The Manufacturer’s support, we can reach more cancer patients via corporate channels as well as directly via individuals. There are many ways that companies can help Treatment Bag, some of which are listed at

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